Ground Beef Nori Wrap

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This is another simple meal born out of laziness. Tonight for dinner I had not thought through anything beyond defrosting ground beef. So as I threw it in the pan I was left with a pretty solid timeline. Hey, if you only give yourself ten minutes to plan a meal than it only takes ten minutes.

So after throwing the beef into a pan, I did a quick 180 and looked at my spice rack. I saw the Chinese Five Spice powder and thought “Hey, I haven’t made anything sort of chinese-y in a while”, so I grabbed that an the garlic (note: if you are dyslexic and keep your spices in alphabetical order, have someone else proof your work. I wanted to use ginger) and spiced up the meat.

Just before it finished I realized that all I had for dinner was a pound of spiced ground beef. I did not feel like peeling and cooking a vegetable. Especially since the only things I have in my refrigerator right now are sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts, which both require some work to prepare.

So I looked in my cabinet, saw some Nori and I was in luck. Not only did I meet my time hack, but I kept my theme.

Finished Product

Its pretty simple to cook. Just brown the beef. Wait until the beef is about 80% cooked before spicing.

Let it rest and cool for about three minutes. Meat tastes better when it’s rested. Plus, if you attempt to wrap anything hot in Nori, it will become sort of like plastic and not very tasty.

There it is, another poorly planned easy dinner.

And yes, I ate the whole pound of beef in one sitting.

Ready to Wrap

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