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I recently got bombarded with a few questions. They are inline, my answers are in bold.

I have questions about  Protein powders……(no soy…lol). my son recommended Muscle Milk awhile back, and i liked it. Your thoughts? It does have sugar in it, and for me….well, if I am cutting out sugar, I get nitpicky. As of right now, I sweeten my coffee with either Sucanet or aguava and am about to either learn to drink it black, or stop. I have alaways used stevia in lemonade or iced tea………so either I drink water, or I tell myself I am cheating. I think having somethign for a quick recovery or pre workout drink in times where I can’t eat much due to time restraint would help. I love food, I would not make it a food sub daily. The Muscle milk tasted great, and I had zero digestive issues/gas. I mixed it w/milk a lot, but it’s fine w water. 

There’s really two questions here. The first is actually about sugar and the next is about Muscle Milk. I know who the author of this question is and what her goals are, so I’ll provide a bit of a background. The author is skinny, so excessive fat loss is not her goal. She’s also not making a run at the Crossfit Games or anything too specific sports wise. The real goal here would be best described as health and longevity.

With that realization, the answer is one in the same. Avoid both. While an easily digestible, post-work out protein source will help build muscle. This is due to the anabolic effects of insulin and the rapid digestibility of that form of protein.  It is precisely these types of insulin spikes that I would advise you to avoid for that goal. While gaining muscle will definitely help with insulin regulation, being a novice trainer brand new to weightlifting you will be able to increase lean muscle mass relatively easily. This despite the fact that you have low testosterone production.

Sugars of all sorts, including artificial ones, may not lead directly to insulin disregulation, but they will do nothing to aid the normalization/healing process that we are going for. Avoid all of the sugar that you can, especially fructose.
Butter? I guess I cook eggs in it, never gave it a thought, but it is the same as milk or cheese, right?


I bought grapeseed oil….your thoughts?

Avoid. It’s fancy industrial lubricant. Refer to my oils post for a detailed analysis or look on mark sisson’s site.

What Oil to Cook With

No grains are lower in gluten……..really? Such as spelt or kamut, I always thought they were.Only thinking for family I am going to have to cook dif things sometimes.

Yes, some grains are lower in gluten. Some are in fact completely gluten free. This does not mean that they are lectin free. Its basically the lesser of two poisons. Gluten has been getting all of the attention because it is the most damaging and the most studied. Rice has the lowest levels of all of the grains.

There is a huge difference between least bad and good. Its like saying that a 9mm pistol is less devastating than a tank. Yes. Fact. But, it will kill you nonetheless. Just with a smaller boom. So, avoid anything that is botanically a grain, because it will behave the same way in your body. If you find yourself in a situation where your only options are sushi rice or pizza, than go for sushi because its the less or two evil.
I have birthday cakes to bake Matt! HELP! lol

Baked items with almond meal, coconut flour, wow, all of the Paleo recipe givers are always freaking desserts. It is like, ok, we have to find something to fill the place of a similar item, meanwhile I thought we were changing eating habits/patterns. I mean, I try to snack with food. I have been reaching for nuts, or I will eat an apple or something, but last night it was a slice of rotisserie chicken and some leftover plantain oven fries.

If we are hungry, we need food…….and it is like I see the Paleo “desserts” as concocted subs for processed foods.

Agreed 100%. A lot of Paleo authors refer to these as “failio” foods. I can’t help but agree. They usually taste terrible, are nutritionally crappy, do nothing to help you overcome your addictions, increase your desire to eat the real thing, and are usually not worth their efforts.

If it tastes like candy, than it’ll act like candy in your body. The same way that being gluten free does not make something healthy, calling something Paleo on a whole bunch of technicalities does not make it healthy. You could technically be the purest Paleo in the world and eat nothing but bananas and honey and you would probably be dead or diabetic within the week.

Just because it meets the arbitrary anthropological age requirements does not mean its healthy.
Here is what I ate yesterday. I listed amounts for no specific reason.


Coffee/w 2% milk and aguava nectar

Not a big fan of any caffeine consumption. Especially having a huge insulin spike this early in the morning. This comes from both the dairy and from the agave. I understand that some people need coffee like zombies need brains, but that doesn’t mean I’ll silently allow it.

Bkfst – 3 eggs, onion, red peppers, cilantro cooked in 1 tsp butter…..added 1/2 avocado.

Good. Plenty of fat and protein. Sounds tasty too. Next time use coconut oil instead of the butter.

Snack – 1/3 c plain lowfat organic plain yogurt, mixed w 3 T coconut milk and 1/3 cup berries

Skip the yogurt. You do not need it. This is a pretty sizable snack. I’m actually kind of surprised you had a snack before lunch based on the size of your breakfast. This to me shows that there is some leptin and insulin resistance and that you are way down that sugar addiction rabbit hole.

Lunch – 1/2 chicken breast , steamed spinach w/stone ground mustard

Great lunch…except its too skinny on fat. Throw some extra olive oil on that chicken. Actually, this meal needs a lot more fat. Avocado would be awesome here.

Snack – 1/3 c trail mix

Is this one of your grain free trail mixes. Assuming it is.

1 perch filet/pan fried in grapeseed oil,w lemon juice with a salsa of banana peppers, onion, salsa, 1/2 avocado, parsley….and steamed brussel sprouts ….added 1 tsp butter

All excellent…once you change out the fat sources that is.

Snack  Chicken breast(slice, rotisserie) 1/ cup leftover oven fried plantain fries w a cilantro/onion/honey sauce (this was made prior to yest…lol)

This seems like another unnecessary snack. I’m sort of curious on portion sizes. Body builders recommend eating six times a day to keep the metabolic fires going. It doesn’t really make sense considering the fact that the body is not a furnace and that it reacts to hormonal signaling. I’m curios to see if you were hungry.

Have you cooked meats and made stock too? How do you store your animal fat rendered? Do you have a system to keep small amts, say in ice cube  trays or something? Hey, could you buy those mini ones and freeze the fat in them and pop out mini cubes? You’d prob have to throw the try away, bc you would never get it clean.

Yes and Mason Jar (small amounts never been an issue).



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