When Good WODs Go Bad Part III

So this workout, that I’ve now spent three days rambling about, destroyed me.

The original point of the whole post was that I had not had my ass handed to me by a WOD like that for a long time. Its humbling to double, probably triple, the time of a workout of the people you usually try to keep pace with.

Taking around about fifteen minutes to inch your way through your least favorite movement is horrible. Its a mental anguish to watch everyone finish, the clock go past half an hour, and spending what feels like days staring at the bar makes you want to kill yourself and quit.

This is even worse when you are somewhat used to being towards the top of the leader board.

I do not like high repetition chippers. These are workouts like Angie and most Hero WODs.

At the end of them you’re exhausted to the point of delirious, you cannot move, you feel like you were hit by a truck for the rest of the day.

That’s sort of the point, force that mental adaptation and get used to the pain. If nothing else, if you can stare at a that bar and keep picking it up than you can definitely skip that snickers bar.