Coconut Chicken Liver: An Attempt to Salvage a Disaster Part 2

Shhhh...the Liver is Sleeping

I recently referred to vegetables as “meat’s make up”. In this dish the vegetables were meat’s alibi.

I first tried this technique with eggs, but it tasted so bad that I did not even take a picture.

This actually came out tasting good enough that I would make it again and will try to perfect it with the 5lbs of chicken livers currently residing in my freezer. That or I’ll try to make liverwurst. I don’t know, it depends on how bored I get in the next few weeks.

Anyways, I went through a full spaghetti squash using this recipe. Each serving required half of a spaghetti squash turned into noodles like I normally do (bake in the oven for an hour on 400 degrees and than run a fork through it). I added a couple heads of broccoli, a lot of garlic, some tomato paste, and fried it all on a really high heat in coconut oil for about five minutes.

This actually tasted pretty good. It tasted like the fried pasta that my mom and grandparents would sometimes make as a kid, but with a subtle coconut flavor. The liver was tasteless, which was the idea.

The Other Half of the Squash

Encouraged by my first attempt, the second one was bad. Not as bad as eating it straight, but disappointing in the fact that I could not improve upon my past performance.

The problem was that I left the pieces of liver too big and I got a few overwhelming bites.

So, liver is one of those things that continues to confound me. If for no other reason than I can’t find a good starting point. Every recipe that I find focuses on hiding the taste of the liver. Seriously, there is nothing that is designed to highlight the positive characteristics of the liver except for things like terrine or tartar.

Without knowing what taste I’m really going for I have no choice to blindly follow recipes.

The major problem with the liver is the dryness. Which is why hiding it in small quantities has worked well. I am sure there is a way around this. There just has to be.

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