Coconut Chicken Liver: An Attempt to Salvage a Disaster Part 1

Looks and Smells Can be Deceiving

I need to take a class on how to cook offal or it needs to come up on Top Chef more often. Maybe this is just one of those Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs types of deals.

Who knows. It just does not make any sense to me why the most nutritious organ in an animal can taste so, so bad. Hopefully, there’s some great culinary master who is reading this and crying over my butchery of a good ingredient and my hamburger helper class of creativity in fixing it.

Liver certainly falls on the bottom part of my love-hate line for food.

I never ate liver as a kid because it tastes bad and my mom loves me. While I could write an entire separate blog site on ridiculous childhood stories, she certainly never forced something that tastes like liver down my gullet.

The first time I know that I ever ate liver was while I was visiting one of my buddies in France. He was doing a semester exchange there and a group of us went out to a restaurant in the St. Michael district. The menu had an English translation that read “lever salad”. I had no idea what lever was (assumed it was a fancy vegetable), my buddy did not know what the word was on the French side because that just said “salad”. It was liver and I didn’t tip, but that was for a different reason.

I found this recipe online after using the optimal recipe searching technique of typing in “best ‘x’ recipe ever”. Not my own technique, so thank my old neighbors.

The recipe I saw called for baking the liver for forty-five minutes in a 350 degree oven. To prepare, you beat two eggs and roll the livers in coconut flakes and spices. This would have tasted amazing with any muscle meat, but not so much with liver.

The taste of the dish was good, but the consistency was dry and crumbly. I was able to eat a good amount of it plain, but it as far as enjoying it goes its was more like the sense of enjoyment you get from making progress on a term paper than food.

This lead to a few attempts to save the dish…


  1. Abort salvage mission and send in EOD immediately.

  2. How.. how can you even stand the smell of liver? It’s cloying and overpowering, definitely the aromatic STD of chicken.

  3. You poor thing. I may need to offer my assistance to you at some point. I have the advantage of a few more years in the kitchen over you!! Think about not trying so hard to find an aesthetic substitute for carbs. Think ‘asian’ foods minus the rice & noodles…. AND liver can certainly be delicious, mostly in the form of pate’ (whole foods has some that are divine!) and foie gras is truly the most delectable delicacy in the form of pure fat & flavor ON THE PLANET. orgasmic.

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