(e)Book Review: Texas Method Advanced

It took me longer to get through then I would like to admit, but I finally finished the Texas Method Advanced eBook written by Justin Lascek.

Usually, I like to walk people through the main concepts of a book and try to convince them to buy it. Honestly, this book has a lot going on in it. You definitely need to read the first part, which covers the beginners and intermediate Texas Method. You also need to have a decent amount of knowledge on lifting, a bit of anatomy, and reading a few of the cornerstone strength and conditioning texts wouldn’t hurt either.

Justin does a great job of explaining it all, but the concepts are so advanced (for the lack of a better word) that until you’ve done the initial work this eBook will be over your head.

Frankly, I had to re-read several sections and I feel like I’m about as geeked out on this stuff as anyone who doesn’t have a¬†kinesiology¬†degree could be. However, its not because this book is hard to read, its actually pretty funny for a strength text book, but its that the subject matter is so hard. I don’t care who writes the physics text book, I’m not going to understand it.

Its an amazingly dense book and I would recommend it to anyone whose been coaching and reading about the major lifts for more than a year. If you try to go into this cold or without having a good amount of gym hours not only will most of the concepts, templates, and programs be too advanced for you, but a lot of the information and concepts will be a bit out of your reach.