The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide Review

I’m an avid follower of all thing Robb Wolf. From his blog to his book to his podcast, my Robb Wolf man-crush boarders on the overwhelming. I’ve probably given away a dozen copies of his book as presents (albeit received with varying levels of enthusiasm).

So when I saw his new interactive guide “The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide” on his site, I figured I could let this one pass with conscious intact and groupie status remaining unquestioned.

Luckily, the universe intervened on the fact that I’m cheap-which is one of the reasons the budget shopping guide didn’t hold much appeal to me-and my friend Jennifer from Crossfit the Garage sent me a copy as a thank you for doing a nutrition lecture at their gym.

I was pretty bored the day of so I took the 90 minutes to read the full guide and most of the multimedia attachments. I’d love to wax on about how blown away I was with the whole product, but frankly its just kind of what I expect from Robb and his team nowadays.

This is really only the second or third electronic multimedia book that I’ve ever read, so some of the features like the audio clips and the links that I found to be really cool may be standard features.

The unfortunate thing about this book is that it sort of puts semi-professional Paleo solutioners like me out of a job. I spend so much of my time addressing things like budget, difficulty cooking, helping people find quality sources of meat and produce that having a guide like this sort of makes me seem obsolete.

Yesterday, at the end of my section on dealing with common Paleo misconceptions and some rules of thumb for solving them I found myself summing up by saying “if you don’t believe me or can’t remember what I said just buy this guide and you’ll be officially out of excuses.”

I have to consider myself lucky in many regards. I cook primarily for one, sometimes I’m gregarious enough to make enough for my roommmate. I have enough expendable income to afford to purchase luxury food items. Most importantly, I know how to cook and have been cooking from a very young age.

All of these factors set me up pretty well to be very Paleo self-sufficient. I understand that I am the exception and that most people that I know and work with struggle with one or more of those things.

Its easy enough to wave off these concerns with a wave of the hand and an amazon link to one of the many excellent Paleo cookbooks or a link to a recipe blog.

There are a lot of people who just don’t have the innate organizational skills to do the meal planning, especially when they also have to play do-it-yourself accountant.
This book does a phenomenal job of teaching people these basic Paleo home economics skills and giving them tools and resources to continue their self education.

All of the resources in the book are about as entertaining as you can make diet, food preparation, and budgeting. I know that the topics are inherently dry, but I didn’t feel like I was reading a text book, the directions to assemble a desk, or some intolerable self-help book.

I wouldn’t give this too anyone who isn’t already bought in on the diet at a conceptual level at a minimum. If I was to hand this to people in the elevator I think that most of them would be a bit scared away.

That’s not the audience this book is for, that why the Paleo Solution is a New York Times best seller and was under my family’s Christmas tree.

This book is more of a resource for people who are stuck or who are grasping for excuses to avoid the hard work required to change their diet and their life.

If you’ve read Robb’s book, his blog, or his listened to his podcasts, than there is nothing ground breaking or earth shattering in here. Its the high quality, easy to understand, and practical solutions and answers we’ve come to expect. Sorry Robb, but you’re sort of a victim of your own success at this point and the bar is high.

The product delivers and will find its being a gift to at least a few people who wouldn’t appreciate me calling them out for slacking and a few people who are really struggling to make this whole thing work but are having some difficulties.