Chicken, Sorrell, Bok Choi Stir Fry

This was a pretty great quick recipe that I made using almost entirely fresh, local ingredients.

The sorrell and bok choi were, of course, from White Oaks Pastures. The chicken is free range, cage free from US Wellness Meats.

I marinated the chicken for about twelve hours in some of the chopped up sorrell, herbs de provance, a tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and a three roper squirt of lemon juice. I shook it all up in a zip lock bag and let it sit in the refrigerator while I studied for the GMAT on a beautiful day where I should have been outside.

To cook it, I added all of the ingredients to a frying pan on high heat. I used bacon fat to grease the pan to prevent the chicken from sticking. Once the chicken was cooked I drained some of the excess liquid from the pan and added a teaspoon of duck sauce and mixed well for some more flavor.

Cooking time was under ten minutes.

Ingredients list:

2lbs of Chicken

3 sprigs of sorrell

1 head of bok choi

1 tablespoon EVOO

1 squirt (2 roper) of Lemon Juice

2 dashes of Herbs de Provance

1 tablespoon of bacon fat

1 teaspoon of duck sauce