The UnRX Podcast

The UnRX podcast is easily my favorite for two reasons. First Mike made the mistake as having me as one of his early guests back in June to talk about the Rumble by the River. The second is the wide variety of guests on the show. Everyone from Dallas and Melissa from the Whole 30 to Drywall.

Its really the only nationwide venue for a Crossfitting community that is not ran by Crossfit Headquarters. While I don’t think that Dave Castro is the new Big Brother, but its good to hear people talk about the future of the sport, or nutrition, or programming that are not contractually obligated and can be sarcastic about the whole thing.

The real beauty here is that its so much less serious than the others that it comes much closer to sounding like real talk radio than anyone else.

The best analogy for this is that its the off Broadway version of a podcast. You have to be pretty far committed to the whole Crossfit deal to try to find and listen to this, but its enjoyable enough that even the most casual Crossfitter will enjoy it.