Weight Watchers and Paleo

Question left in yesterday’s comments:

So can you be on weight watchers and still be paleo? I’m trying to figure out this dilemma myself. I have no time to cook, feel like I overeat the good foods (like bacon, nuts, etc) and have zero willpower…it’s a very frustrating situation. I wish there were paleo nutritionists or at least restaurants or sections in the grocery stores. Whole Foods has lots of gluten free food but they still have soy or some bad oils. It should not be this hard to eat healthy….

Simple answer is we need to do another grocery store field trip and no.

I’m sure there is technically a way to do it, it would not help you since the two programs conflict on a lot of levels. It’d be like trying to be a Roman Catholic Jew; sure a lot of it is the same but than you run into issues when one program starts pushing its pre-packaged food on you and telling you that a staple of the other is bad.

The whole animal fat good or bad thing would have you spinning in circle.

I think the simplest way to do this is that everything that comes in a package is bad and that you need to cook things in mass quantities.

Yesterday I made a chili recipe that has so far provided me with two meals, my roommate with one meal, and our buddy Ben with one meal. I’m eating it for lunch today and have some frozen.

So an hours worth of work makes enough food for a week. Especially since all of us are big eaters.

If you are struggling with this you need to do three things:

1. Only buy food with one ingredient

2. Do as much cooking on a large scale as you can (and freeze the extras)

3. Stop snacking so much


The last point is hard for most Americans, since we are used to constantly eating. We’re told from a young age that we need to eat at all time to maintain our blood sugars. Food companies bombard us with advertising and hyper-palatable foods so that we are constantly craving something sweet.

Frankly, its not natural and if food was that readily available, we would have developed into a much different species.

I am usually not that keen on intermittent fasting, but if food addiction is that big of a problem you might want to try it once or twice a week just to break your brain and liver of the chemical dependency of having a constant flow of glucose.