Sausage Makes the Fermentation Go Down

A Not Normal Lunch

I struggle to eat enough fermented foods. I dislike the taste of most of them (I think they taste too sour). Maybe I have an unrefined taste or something, but I also don’t like sour patch kids or any other sour candy. So maybe there’s something there.

I almost wrote something about how much I love sausage, but I get enough spam for handbags in the comments as is.

Mary Poppins recommended a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down because she secretly hated children and wanted them to have diabetes. Honestly, watch that movie. If memory serves correctly, she has 10 out of the 12 characteristics I just made of a fictitious serial killer.

So instead of evil, vile sugar, I chose to couple the probiotic goodness of the kimichie that they sell at the Fresh Market (which actually tastes good) with US Wellness Meats Sausage.

Kind of a weird pairing, but they were easy to make for lunch. It only took a little while to cook the sausages and the mustard and kimchie were spooned out without much fanfare.

Lunch should be easy, save the fancy stuff for the night time.