Dear Matt: Chia and Hemp Seeds

Can you do a post about the benefits of adding chia and/or hemp seeds
to a paleo diet?

There’s an idea that I stole from the Whole 9 (technically, its from the Urban Gets Diesel Blog, but that’s before your time) that I like to talk about when I do seminars. The Healthy-F* Off Scale is a really easy way to figure out what your realistic level of Paleo buy in will be. It helps to provide some sanity to a task (dieting) with is historically filled with the best of intentions and the worst of executions.

Frankly, both foods are so low on my f* off scale that I’d probably eat a handful of emotionally unstable hornets before willfully consuming either of them. Chia reminds me of Iraq and yuppies. Memories of meetings with filthy Iraqi Federal Police in which I routinely almost got fired for refusing to drink flavored shit water with an inch thick layer of sugar at the bottom.

Then there’s hemp, which I think of as a food only after I think of: filthy hippies, rope, dirty hippies, Willie Nelson, J. Edgar Hoover, tie dye t-shirts, the Banana Splits TV show,……..Jean Claude Van Damme, and than as food.

Mark’s Daily Apple did some good pieces linked here on both Hemp and Chia.

In my opinion, I don’t see any real benefit out of adding either of them to your diet for the sake of making it healthier. If you like the taste of them and they are relatively easy to get, sure why not. Like other nuts and seeds they are going to have a relatively heavy balance of pro-inflammatory Omega-6′s fatty acids. They also will have some Omega 3, but in a less than optimal form for human usage.

I’d prefer to use these kinds of things as feed for delicious poultry.

I hope that answers the question. For me the mental anguish of having to consume them would be completely unhealthy. For everyone else, I do not see any added benefit unless you are trying to be a Paleo vegetarian or have an addiction to chia tea or some other mental illness.

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  1. Brilliant. Hilarious as usual. But is ‘chia’ meant to be ‘chai’, or are you referring to the Pet? Ch-ch-ch- CHIA! And if I see one more ‘than’ when it should be ‘then’, I’m gonna have to intervene & hold an Editorial Intervention!!