Ground Beef + Sausage + Brussels Sprouts = Gunz

Step 1

I needed to make a meal in one pan that I could keep in some Tupperware, make in one pan, and that would be enough food for one day. This meal was pretty easy to make. I bought some Apple Gates Farms Sausages and Brussels sprouts. I had also defrosted a pound of defrosted ground beef.

This meal started by removing the outer layer of the Brussels sprouts, cutting them in half, and cutting off the bottom portion of the sprouts. I then put two tablespoons of rendered bacon fat into the pan with the sprouts. I cooked them on a fairly high heat until the sprouts had browned on the bottom. I than added the sausages and cooked them for a few minutes.

Once the sausage had a good head start, I added the ground beef.

Needs More Meat

I stirred the contents until everything was close to done.  I seasoned it with garlic, cilantro, and some dark chili pepper.